Are you crazy?!

A few years ago I decided to raise funds for the Chest, Heart and Stroke charity in Scotland.  Both my parents had suffered from heart disease so this was a very personal project for me.

This organisation has an annual Forth Rail Bridge abseil fundraiser wherein crazy folk like me get their friends to sponsor them to abseil from the top of this 150-foot tall historic bridge.

When I arrived for the abseil I was given a wrist band and told that it would be punched six times before I was allowed to step off the bridge.  The first few punches had to do with making sure I was medically capable of the task and that I had the right equipment.

However, the last punch was the one that surprised me.  The man at the top of the bridge placed his hands firmly on my shoulders, looked me directly in the eyes and asked in a loud voice “Are you crazy?”  Ordinarily, I would have said “Yes!” however today I decided to be more reserved.  I whispered humbly “No.”

Then the man lifted my right leg over the antique bridge barricade and said: “Off you go!”

Before I knew it I was dangling from the top of the Forth Rail Bridges I was slowly lowered to terra firma.

Upon arrival I thought my wife was going to kill me, however, my adrenalin was so strong that I practically bounced for several minutes with sheer excitement.

Why was I so excited?  I have had a lifelong fear of heights and that day, and for a good cause, I overcame my fear!

Crazy, no?




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