Everything We Say and Do Matters

A few years ago, a few days after having a major back operation, I hobbled down to the Usher Hall to participate in our annual graduation exercises.  I had many students graduating and I wanted to be there for them. I was so unwell from the post operative effects that Nancy accompanied me and the University arranged for me to take my seat on the stage from backstage so I would not have to participate in the long procession.  A few minutes before I joined my colleagues onstage someone came to my backstage chair, knelt down beside me and said…”I feel awkward about this but some of your colleagues have asked me to request that you do not shout bravo or cheer loudly.”  I was surprised as I had been cheering my graduates for many years, however, I somewhat complied as best I could with this request.

This morning, I received this thoughtful email from Mr Zed Sefi of Dubai, UAE who was one of my graduates that year.  I was surprised and delighted to know that my cheers were appreciated. Here is what the student wrote to me:

”I was the only student who got a diploma in my class. The others received bachelors and honours degrees.  Therefore, I was the last one to walk across the stage.  However, when I finally walked across the stage I heard you cheer for me and shout “yay!” People in the audience were cheering the other graduates however, what was unexpected was the way you were cheering so loudly for me.  You made me feel special and that you cared a lot for me. Today, I am a successful businessman, however, few people have had an impact on me the way you did and I shall always be grateful.”

I suppose this reaffirms my Note Bene (note well) in Chapter One of my memoirs that states that “everything we do impacts others in some small way.” To order a personally signed copy of my memoirs please visit www.joegoldblatt.scot

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