Goodbye Mr. Wiggles

Goodbye Mr. Wiggles

Kong Zhi Ao Goldblatt

2002 – 2019

A Tribute to My Best Canine Friend Forever

Every time the door opened a small ball of white fur suddenly appeared. His tail wagged rapidly back and forth. His small body starts to shudder and then wiggle incessantly. Then, even at his advanced age of nearly seventeen years, he raises his front legs and places them firmly upon my leg and nuzzles me firmly with his small black nose. Regardless of the time of day I arrive, this was my welcome home from my best canine friend ever, Kong, for seventeen joyous years.

We first noticed his indomitable personality when he was still a wee puppy. He had to learn how to walk down a steep staircase in our home. First, he studied the situation for hours and then he confidently placed one paw in front of another and slowly and carefully he made his way down the massive staircase. When he arrived, he looked up at us as if to say “I did it!” Then, once again, he wiggled.

During his long lifetime he travelled all over the USA and from the USA to Scotland and in Scotland he travelled three times over 300 miles to one of our northern most isles, Orkney. Where ever her travelled, he made countless friends and they all were happy to see him whenever he returned to previously visited places.

One of my most enduring memories of Mr. Wiggles was his affection for others. I was lucky to be the object of his affection for a long time. At night time he would hop into our bed and then gently walk up across my body, lay down upon my chest and place his front paws around my neck. Then he would give a gentle squeeze and place his head under my chin and nuzzle as if to say “I love you. Sleep well.”

Mr. Wiggles, I love you. Sleep well now knowing that your life has made so many people happy and grateful for knowing you for so long.

Mr. Wiggles was born in Poplar Bluff, Missouri USA on 24 June 2002 and that same year he was adopted in Warwick, Rhode Island and eventually died in Edinburgh, Scotland on 19 April 2019. He leaves behind his parents Joe Goldblatt and Nancy Lynner, his brothers Sam and Max Goldblatt, his sisters in love, Christine Cox and Louise Knowles, his nephew Hamish Knowles Goldblatt and a legion of friends, both two legged and four legged.

The family wishes to thank the Braid Vet Clinic for 12 years of highly skilled and compassionate care and for helping him make the transition into immortality with dignity and love.

We are lucky in our lives if we meet and make friends with one or more individuals whose life makes the world a better place for all. Mr. Wiggles was one of those rare individuals. And every time I see a wee dog wiggle, I shall in my heart, give thanks for seventeen years of love and friendship with the unique and now immortal, Mr. Wiggles.

Sincerely, Your Best Pal


If you would like to honour the memory of Mr Wiggles, we shall be supporting the Edinburgh Dog & Cat Home in September through their “In the Dog House” campaign and invite you to donate in his memory at that time.

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