Great Friends are Masterpieces of Human Nature

Many years ago my great friend originally from Amsterdam, Dr Iddo Oberski, gifted me with this wonderful work of art.  Upon originally seeing it, I told Iddo it reminded me of Vincent Van Gogh, a Dutch post – impressionist painter who of course was one of the greatest artists in human history.  A few days later he presented this art work to me and I had it framed.  It now occupies a place of great pride in our small home. I am viewing it now and thinking of Iddo and my other great friends who are also like Iddo, human masterpieces of art.

During my long life, I have been fortunate in attracting many wonderful friends, some of whom I have known since my early childhood.  Each of them is a masterpiece of human nature because of the special gifts they have brought to my life.

For example, some of my friends are authors, others are journalists, lawyers, business leaders, politicians, ministers, teachers, and many are musicians, composers and poets,  dancers and playwrights and of course, event leaders.  All of them are great humanitarians.

Each of these friends has the unique ability, as shown in this painting above by Iddo, to see through my hyperbole and gently reach into the depths of my soul with compassion and human understanding.

At the same time these great friends have also suffered pain and disappointment and I have tried my best to come to their aid in an apporpriate manner.  This above work of art by Iddo to me reflects the pain and sadness that my friends and I have shared together over many years.  

Finally, these same great friends have, like the painting above, increased the mystery and magic in in my life in many infintessimal ways.  I am so grateful for their friendship all these many years.

My mother, of blessed memory, once said that at the end of her long life that she had cast her bread upon the waters and she was very grateful that it returned to her buttered.  

Similiarly, I too am grateful for the preciousness of these long friendships and each day, at this later stage of my life, I am surprised and delighted when a new great friend appears in our circle.  In fact, many new and extraordinary friendships have been formed in the past ten years.  Therefore, I look forward with great enthusiasm and excitement to the remainder of my days as they hopefully will be filled with a bouquet, such as the beautiful one at the top of this article, that is filled with many more blossoming friendships.

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