Video Library

Welcome to Joe’s personal video library. Here you will find excerpts from speeches and interviews he has given throughout the world.

The Wedding Biz Audio Podcast Interview

The Wedding Biz Audio Podcast Review of My Interview by Jennifer Stein, Edintor – in – Chief of Destination I Do Magazine

Shanghai, China Television Interview: (copy and paste this link in your browser to access)

CLE Productions Speech in Des Moines, Iowa:


Events in Asia: 

A Tribute to Professor Goldblatt in Shanghai, China by Three Former Students

A Kaleidoscope of Opportunity:

Planned Events and the Next Enlightenment: 

Black Swan Theory: 

Unplanned Events:

Papa’s Hardware Store: 

Opportunities for Eventology:

Research Opportunities:

Scottish Independence Interview:

HTMI Interview:

IFEA Hall of Fame Induction:


The Alex Salmond Show Interview