For fifteen years, Professor Goldblatt has been engaged by a wide variety of individuals and groups to conduct tours of the inspiring city of Edinburgh.  Professor Goldblatt offers the following customized three-hour tour programmes.

Thank you so much for an excellent tour, which was at the same time personal, enjoyable and informative. As I mentioned to you, I am particularly interested in religious history and interfaith dialogue, so I am very happy about all the things I have learned from you.” Dr Thomas Bak, Blue Badge Tour Guide, Edinburgh, Scotland 2023

I discovered so much during those two hours spent with you, not only about the Jewish diaspora in Edinburgh but in the whole of Scotland. It was made even better by visiting sites, such as the historic cemetery, as well as having all your personal anecdotes and stories. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share about your community and religion with such enthusiasm.” Anais Paulard, Blue Badge Tour Guide, Edinburgh, Scotland 2023

We all had such a wonderful time with you yesterday.  Your talk about Jewish immigration to Scotland was fascinating and we could have listened to you for hours.  Your tour in the taxi was really enlightening and made all of us want to explore more! ”  Fiona Maxwell, Blue Badge Tour Guide, Edinburgh, Scotland 2023

We have lived in Edinburgh all our lives and during the Jewish People in Edinburgh tour we lerned so many new and fascinating things about our home city!” Local Edinburgh Jewish couple, November 2022

The tour is extremely interesting and Professor Joe Goldblatt is a wonderful tour guide and remarkable storyteller. He guided our family through the history of Jewish people in Scotland. He provided great detail and historical facts while keeping the day light and fun. We would definitely recommend this tour and Joe for anyone interested in Scottish history and the Jewish experience in Scotland.” Jonna Eimer, Chicago, Illinois, 30 December 2022

On behalf of our group, I would like to thank you for the wonderful, informative and entertaining Jewish and American tour of Edinburgh with the emphasis on Jewish life in Scotland.  We wish you the best of health and continued success in all of your endeavors.  It was a pleasure to meet you.” Dorothy Bruckstein, Long Island, New York 16 September 2022

The Americans in Scotland Walking Tour

Celebrate the many positive links between Scotland the United States and learn how to research your Scottish ancestry, tartan and coat of arms.  

  • Discover why Abraham Lincoln respected Scotland’s national bard Robert Burns and see his statue which was the first one in Europe. 
  • Explore the many inventions of the Scottish people that were later developed in the USA and have changed the world.
  • Experience the unique cultural links between the USA and Scotland.
  • Learn about Scotland’s unique government and how the Declaration of Arbroath inspired the USA Declaration of independence.
  • You will have photo opportunities at Edinburgh Castle, St Giles Cathedral, the Royal Mile, the Canongate Kirk, Adam Smith’s tomb, Lincoln’s statue, Holyrood Palace and much more.

The tour is a three hour light walking tour (no steps) with frequent stops, departing from the Balmoral Hotel and proceeding up the Royal Mile and concluding with Tea at Her Majesty’s Palace. 

Tour limited to ten persons.

What an inspiring role the Jewish people have played in Edinburgh and throughout Scotland!  I was impressed with the rich history and the future plans for this unique community.” Jewish tourist from Switzerland, June 2022

The Jewish People in Edinburgh Walking Tour

The three  hour tour will include all of the historic Jewish sites in Edinburgh and describe how for 200 years the Jewish people has contributed to the grown and development of Scotland’s capital city.   Photo opportunities will include:

  • The site of the original Jewish quarter in Edinburgh
  • Two historic plaques commemorating how the Jewish people founded the world renowned Edinburgh International Festival
  •  The historic nineteenth century Jewish cemetery
  • The site of the original Jewish synagogue
  • The eighteenth century tomb of one of Scotland’s most historic and famous Jewish citizens, Dr Herman Lion who was both a podiatrist and dentist!
  • The main orthodox synagogue in Edinburgh
  • The development of the Jewish community in Edinburgh and its future Edinburgh Jewish Cultural Centre

This is a light walking tour (no steps) and some of the tour is conducted by a small coach and it shall conclude with tea and discussion at the historic Balmoral Hotel (tea and biscuits not included in tour fee).

Tour is limited to six persons.

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