Teeming with Life

Shepherd Garden, Inveresk Conservation Village, Scotland

Professor Joe Goldblatt

Teeming with Life

A tribute to Shepherd Garden and Her Gardeners from a Fan

Every gaze reveals some ethereal beauty,

The plump legged chickens scamper to see

The larger lives hovering above

And they too feel the deep love.

Seven decades of care

Created something so exquisite and rare.

A tribute to a fallen hero

Rising from the earth so

Words from children’s voices

May express successful life choices.

An embroidered garden reveals

Deep mysteries that now are permanently sealed.

A sacred refuge, an escape from daily strife …

Breathe in, breathe out views teeming with wonders of life.

The thousands of snowdrops, so tiny

Soon shall shout that life continues, nae, begins again,

After ninety!

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