My Eye Went Bump in the Night

The patient with a new bump upon his eye

Professor Joe Goldblatt

Upon awakening,

It was sickening

To note that during the nigh

A wee bump appeared over my eye!

The eye doc sighed

And I cried

“When you are over fifty …”

Things happen that are not so nifty.

The good news is

It is nae arthritis, neuritis, nor sinusitis.

She then said excitedly

“Och Aye … it’s  Blepharitis!”

She frowned, I cursed

“At least tis not something worse …”

Aye and my Bletharitis will still fill your purse! 

With new ointments and magic wipes in hand

I have joined the band

Of brothers and sisters who in the nigh get bumped

So bring on the hot pads, I’m really really


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